The Fencing Center of Chicago is a premier sports facility dedicated to the instruction and practice of the Olympic sport of fencing. We are located in Park Ridge, Illinois and serve fencers across the entire Chicagoland area.

We offer both group and private coaching in Foil and Épée specialties to kids ages 6 & up, teens, and adults of all fencing levels. 

Our club includes members ranging from recreational fencers, who love to fence for fun, to competitive fencers, who travel nationally, as well as internationally, in order to compete in professional fencing tournaments.  

Our facility offers 11 fencing strips, equipment rental, including fencing outerwear and foils, both men's and women's locker rooms, vending machines, and a convenient waiting area for parents to enjoy while their kids practice.



1. Conduct yourself in a respectful manner to any and all individuals. 

2. Always wear a mask and all other appropriate safety equipment when fencing.

3. Weapon must be held point down, except when fencing or for instruction purposes.

4. Always follow the direction of instructors and/or club officers.

5. Always shake hands with your opponent after a fencing bout.

6. Try to fence with all other fencers and encourage others to do the same.

7. Be courteous to all fencers, officials and spectators.

8. Let your opponent know when they do something correctly, give respectful feedback when correction is necessary and accept constructive criticism of your own performance.

9. Give help to other fencers and share your knowledge and experience.

10. Avoid arguments with officials and other fencers, and do not argue over touches scored. If a question arises regarding a touch, remember that the director's ruling carries.

11. Don't make excuses for your losses or poor performance, as this only detracts from your opponent's victory, and doesn't make you appear any better for it.

12. Never turn your back while "on strip."

13. Respect the well-being of others by avoiding intentional corps-a-corps, dangerous actions and brutal or heavy-handed weapon play.

14. Show pride in yourself, your club, and the club colors that you wear.